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We value your needs in our technological implementations

How we can help you

We cover border-less network, unified communications or virtualized data center bases by creating security frameworks that address the varied threats your organization faces

We transform your business operations by digitalizing every aspect of your business hence developing the most robust and innovative software solutions that meet your organizational needs

We do not just develop a website because you need one, but we develop websites that boost your brand image, let’s you engage with your prospects, give your company credit and provides you with valuable insights. 

Xplore Technologies delivers LAN and WAN QoS levels that will help you maintain your edge in business. 

We install high quality and reliable video surveillance solutions that consists of cameras that offer superb image quality, low bandwidth and less storage requirements. This arsenal let’s you secure every angle of your valuable assets. 

Unlock Your Digital Evidence

Digital Forensics Services
  • Computer Forensics
  • EDiscovery,Audio/Video
  • Automotive Forensics
  • Forensics Accounting
Data Breach Investigations
  • Data Breach Assessment
  • Investigation
  • Documentation and Prevention
Cyber Security and Forensic Services

Protect your digital assets with our comprehensive cyber security solutions.

Digital Forensics

Uncover digital evidence and solve cybercrimes with our expert digital forensics services.

Enterprise Software Services
  • Information Management Systems
  • Web Apps
  • Enterprise Websites
  • Android Apps



We offer the most affordable IT services in Malawi without compromising quality

Robustness of Software Products

Our software systems are designed to work even after getting invalid inputs and stressful environmental conditions.

Scalability of Software products

Our software solutions remain stable while adapting to changes, upgrades, overhauls, and resource reduction


Our employers are highly trained hence they offer the products efficiently and effectively. At Xplore Technologies, we optimize our employee skills and attributes in order to provide the best service to your company



Needs assessment

We take our time to listen to your story and understand what you are looking for. We identify your goals, challenges, and what you’re intending to achieve.


In the early stages of the project, we build models in form of simple use cases that bring you immediate results.



Value Creation

We then go ahead to testing the use prebuilt models and use the feedback we get from you to incorporate changes. This is to aid in developing a very useful & usable product or service. 

Deployment and Scaling

We deliver your product or service and further discuss ways in which we can scale it to adapt to future busines needs.


We value your digital needs while helping your business grow